What we do

We focus on life cycle assessment (LCA) and carbon accounting/footprinting for products and organisations. Our core expertise lies in analysing your climate impacts, assessing your climate risk and opportunities, and identifying your current sources of emissions and future climate impacts. We then develop decarbonisation strategies to decouple your growth from emissions and water consumption – and other environmental impacts. We guide companies through the formulation and implementation of effective plans that are rooted in life-cycle thinking, the circular economy and broader sustainability principles.

Our passion for helping organisations accelerate their journey to net zero means that we offer support to companies aiming to join initiatives such as the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and who want to enhance their CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) ratings.

Based in the UK, we operate internationally, supporting SMEs and larger corporations in a wide range of industries as they transition to more sustainable operating processes.

What is Life Cycle Assessment?

Everyone wants to reduce emissions. But it’s easy to end up just moving the problem from one part of your value chain to another – something we call impact shifting. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a proven and effective way to evaluate the environmental impacts of products, processes and organisations. It looks at your production process from raw materials extraction to product end of life. It prevents unintended environmental consequences and ensures that the changes you make really count.

What are the key benefits of LCA?

The benefits of LCA are wide-ranging and powerful. It can help you identify opportunities for reduction and inform sustainable decision-making. It’s also an effective tool for promoting eco-friendly practices, enhancing brand value, identifying cost savings, guiding sustainable product design, supporting communication between different teams, achieving compliance – and aiding businesses and policymakers in minimising overall environmental impact.

Why we do it

We’ve actively chosen to work in a field where we can make a contribution to the greater good of both planet and people. We believe whole-heartedly in the value of reducing carbon emissions and we’re dedicated to supporting businesses who want to do the right thing. We understand that the world of net zero, and all the related regulations, can seem confusing and time-consuming. So we share our expertise and commitment with our clients, making the complex simple and helping them at every step on the road to net zero.

How we do it

We look closely at your processes and pipelines, both upstream and downstream. We’ll help you to gather and extract all the right information to accurately analyse your complete value chain. This results in data that shows you where you are now – and how far you have to go. It starts with raw materials extraction and goes all the way through to the end-of-life of your product, including your use of materials, logistics mapping and product-use phase. Depending on your needs, we can provide ISO-compliant reports that are ready to be validated by third parties, so that you can confidently use our work to substantiate your sustainability report and claims. By combining the data from the analysis with your short-to-mid-term forecasts and long-term ambitions, we’ll develop a carbon-reduction strategy for you, in line with the latest scientific targets – and we’ll use our wide-ranging industry know-how and practical skills to show you how to implement our recommendations with minimum stress and maximum efficiency.

It’s a three-point system

  • We investigate and document your current situation
  • Provide you with clear, detailed advice on how to move closer to net zero with practical carbon-reduction strategies
  • And we can often offer additional services to help you get there

Our additional services

We have a growing portfolio of services to help you reach net zero. Once your analysis is complete, these powerful tools could be part of your action plan for change. Ask us for more details.

Customised design and economic feasibility assessments of photovoltaic and solar thermal systems, insulation, and heat pumps, enabling clients to select the most suitable technology or retrofit for their energy investment.

R&D and industrialisation of innovative materials and design solutions for packaging aimed at minimising environmental impacts.

Satellite (GIS) technology that can monitor and address carbon-related issues, track forest health, urban footprint, renewable energy site selection – and much more.

Bespoke optimisation solutions utilising computer models for increased process efficiency and optimal retrofits and designs, or to solve your most complicated operational challenges in real-time, boosting profits and minimising emissions.